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Reflection “ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

This novel tells the story of a journalist 's involvement in the Millennium magazine to solve the mystery of the disappearance of one of Vanger family named Harllet . Harllet Vanger who became the adopted son by Hendrick Vanger . Harllet Vanger is the biological child of Gotfried Vanger . Harllet reported missing when he was 14th. In every Hendrick’s birthday , Harllet always give flowers in frame to hendrick and it always happens though Harllet declared missing and dead . Hendrick asks Blomkvist to solve the mystery . Before Hendrick asked for Blomkvist , he hired Lisbeth ( hacker ) to find out all about Blomkvist . Blomkvist saw many irregularities in Harrlet’s case , he tried to find a hint of Harllet photo accidentally caught on camera a newspaper on the day of the disappearance Harllet. Lisbeth access ( hack ) laptop Blomkvist t and found that he being involved in the disappearance of Harrlet Vanger , then Lisbeth help Blomkvist to solve the clues to find Harrlet . In the end it was solved clues and start unpacking that the existence of the murder of some women who had worked at the Vanger family company. From all the clues that they discover that the perpetrators of these women are Gotfried and Martin (who at that time were aged 17th) . Then note also that Gotfried and Martin was the cause of the Harllet disappearance. Gotried is a disorder that has sex, he also acted like that to her child Harllet and it make Harllet drown Gotfried to protect themselves and the incident was seen by Martin ( brother Harllet ) . Anita , sister Harlet who know this eventually help Harllet to go from the Vanger family life .

Major character in this novel are Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth salander.
Minor character in this novel are Vanger family, Martin and Harllet.
The story happens in some place in Australia.
Exposition :  -     This is an novel action about Hendrick problem solved by Blomkvist
          -     Is about to know man in the mysterious photo. 

The Theme of this novel are : - a woman voilant
                                                 - about corruption

Moral message in this novel based on the presentasion last week are:
- to know the some information from others you should know that information clearly, do not take some part of that information because it can made you give a wrong information to others.
- do  not expose our family problem

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