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Al-Masudi: Biography of Al-Masudi

Biography of Al-Masudi – Arab Historical Geographer !

Al-Masudi was born in Baghdad towards the end of the 9th century, but the exact year of his birth is not known.
He died in 956 at Fustat in Egypt. Al-Masudi was not only a geographer, but also a historian, a world-traveller and a prolific writer. He travelled far and wide in the countries of Asia and Africa, especially Persia, Transoxiana, Sham (Syria), Armenia, Azarbaijan, Caspian Sea, Volga region, Central Asia, India, Lanka, Qanbalu (Madagascar), Oman, southern parts of Arabia, Greek empire, Spain and Egypt. Besides enriching geography
and history, Al-Masudi contributed to cosmology, meteorology, oceanography, study of landforms, astronomy, Islamic law, and the Arabic folklore.
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