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In the beginning of independency, the former of Giyûgun and Heiho troops as well as the youth established a military organization in each region in Sumatra. These military organization played significant role since they were are used as a medium for striving for independency and getting information about things related to it. “Penjaga Keamanan Rakyat” (PKR) was a pro-independence organization formed by the former Giyûgun and Heiho troops and youth in Bengkulu in the beginning of independence. This research has three main purpose, the first and the second purpose were to know the activities of youth organization and the former of Giyûgunand Heiho troops in Bengkulu and to know the youth role in the beginning of independency. While the third purpose was to explain the struggle of PKR in defending independency in Bengkulu since August until November 1945.
This research is conducted with critical history method. The firstheuristic which means the data or relevant historical source are collected. The secondsource criticism which means the authenticity and credibility of the sources are adjusted with the physical aspect and the content source. The third, interpretation which means determination of interconnected meanings of historical facts. The fourthhistoriography which means presentation of data collected in a form of historical paper.

The research showed that “Pemuda Angkatan Baru” (PAB) and Pekope are the youth organizations that existed in the Japanese reign. By their military education, Japan had formedGiyûgun and Heiho troops who became the forerunner of the army in Sumatra. Before the existence of an official military organization in the beginning of independency, each district in Bengkulu had formed a pro-independence organization led by youth and the former of Giyûgunand Heiho troops. PKR as the legal military organization in Bengkulu had formed based on the deliberation result by PAB’s members. This organization had the same duties with Badan Keamanan Rakyat (BKR) since August until November 1945 and it was transformed to TKR.

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