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Classroom Action Research

Madison Metropolitan School District

"Action research is the process through which teachers collaborate in evaluating their practice jointly; raise awareness of their personal theory; articulate a shared conception of values; try out new strategies to render the values expressed in their practice more consistent with the educational values they espouse; record their work in a form which is readily available to and understandable by other teachers; and thus develop a shared theory of teaching by researching practice." - John Elliott

What is Action Research?

Five Phases of Action Research

Starting Points

Data Collection: The 5 W's and an H

Writing Prompts for Classroom Action Researchers

Ideas for Your Final Write-up

What Do Teacher Researchers Do?

Reasons to Do Action Research

Guidelines for Developing a Question

Techniques for Gathering Data

A Process for Analyzing Your Data

Impact of Action Research: Final Report to Spencer Foundation

What Are Some Effects of Teacher Research Projects?

Descriptors of Action Research

Guidelines for Data Collection

Guidelines for Analyzing Your Data

Role of Participants in a Group

CAR and Special Education Services

Classroom Action Research Abstracts and Selected Papers

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